Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Waiting for BT......

Sitting here in the agricultural outpost of Essex, we have now been waiting for BT to come and install our phoneline, broadband and TV system for, oh, 3 weeks already. Having been ordered a couple of weeks before we moved in. First of all they couldn’t find the address on their database, even though there had previously been a BT line and broadband at the house in the past. Then, we thought that had been sorted out, as a few days before the supposed installation date, we first of all received the BT Vision decoder box in the post, followed closely by the wireless hub and a couple of telephone handsets. So we are sitting on all this equipment, waiting for the engineer, when a letter arrives asking for us to call BT as they hadn’t been able to get in touch with us. We call, and they say that they hadn’t been able to resolve the address problem, so had cancelled the installation. Perhaps they should have posted the engineer along with the equipment, as all of that had found us with the postman! So then they try and book another engineer for the 2nd of April, another 2 weeks to wait. Kicking up a stink got that reduced, but it was still and extra week on top of the original installation date. So I hope I’m not tempting fate by writing this, but hopefully it is going to be my first blog post when they finally turn us on this afternoon. Then I can really get my teeth back into working, as the good ships Europa Mortgages and “amortgagein..” have been running at less than full steam these past weeks. You forget how much our lives rely on being online, and simply being able to download emails a couple of times a day is just not enough. So, full steam ahead from later today, I have a load of news feeds and website updates, and will be adding content to www.amortgageindubai.com , www.amortgaginthesun.com , www.amortgageinturkey.com and www.amortgageinportugal.com Thanks for reading. Keep coming back for updates.

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