Sunday, December 19, 2010

Poor sales to non-residents in Spain

Amazing property sales figures for the last quarter show that the number of properties sold to non-residents was, wait for it, 490. Yes, 490, in the whole of Spain!
I would imagine that a few years ago there would have been some large agents that would have expected to sell 500 units in a quarter!
So it seems that, even with falling prices (supposedly) the foreign buyers are hardly falling over themselves to buy places in Spain.
Clearly everyone seems to have their own economic problems at home, and the outlook for Spain seems to be shaky at best.
Also, although the banks can be identified as being the cause of a lot of problems with their easy lending practices, the current best offer of 60% LTV is not really very enticing for non-cash buyers. You are going to need 40% deposit plus up to 15% to cover all the costs - about 55% of the total purchase price. It's not difficult to see why the sales are so low.

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