Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Buy to let fees

I have been looking into buy-to-let mortgages in the UK, having long been mildly embarrassed at the way in which Spanish mortgages are so damned expensive to set up, what with all the notary fees and taxes etc.
But I have seen that so called "best buy" loan in the UK seem to have setup fees of 3.5% or £1999, plus not fantastic margins above base.
So when we have a deal in Spain where the lender is willing to absorb most of the costs, then it doesn't make me feel so bad charging our fees, for what is, to be frank, a job that is both time consuming and fraught with hassle, with never any guarantee of success.
Holiday or investment homes in Spain are, for the most part, second homes, or buy-to-lets, even though that concept is a mystery to the Spanish.
Spanish banks are regressing in their products and willingness to do business. They are in about 1992 at the moment......

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