Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Holiday Home bargains

I read a report which quoted heavily from our mortgage competitors, Conti Financial. I couldn't tell if it was a genuine news story or simply a bit of propoganda put out like a press release. Anyhow, it was a load of wishy washy non-information about prices and them having more mortgage applications than any time in the past year.
No real figures or stats, and no mortgage information to speak of, as we know that the Spanish mortgage market is still very much in lockdown. There are still so many fears about the economy and valuations that LTV's are still being held down, and the criteria for borrowing, is still incredibly tight. Things will improve at some point, but until they do I think it is rather dangerous to start "talking up" a market that just isn't there.
The article had room for comments below, and they were getting quite a kicking from people that had read the article and clearly aren't that stupid.

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