Tuesday, November 3, 2009

1 bank, 3 different offerings

In Spain now, we have the possibility of mortgages with LloydsTSB, Halifax, and Lloyds International, all part of the same bank. But, when it comes to mortgages in Spain, they are all competing against each other with different offerings, none of which is perfect by any means.
Halifax will subrogate (take over your Spanish mortgage and pay the costs) whereas the LLoyds pair won't.
Halifax are still offering interest only, the others aren't.
Add to this the differences in rates, charges, maximum terms and ages, and what you have is a confusing mess.
If they would only put their heads together and produce a portfolio of Spanish mortgage products that was uniform and market leading then they could literally clean up.
A decent higher LTV interest only option for second-home owners would be really profitable business for them, and help people with holiday places that may be struggling against the increasing stupidity of the Spanish banks.

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