Monday, January 14, 2013

Bank of mum and dad

Heard about a UK scheme today through Barclays - the "Family Springboard" mortgage - whereby instead of parents having to give their offspring 10% of the cost of a house as a deposit, they can deposit it with Barclays and have it back, after 3 years, with a bit of interest on top. This is good for those parent's that maybe can't afford to actually give up the money, or even if they have more than one kid, so they could maybe use the same 10% more than once in order to help the kids on the property ladder. What I'm not so sure about, is whether they see this as an indication of :- 1. Property prices having risen over 3 years so that there is sufficient equity in the property - particularly for the buyer if they may want to move and take a deposit with them - this may not be so easy if mum and dad have had their funds back. 2. Or maybe Barclays are happy to see that if the kids have paid the mortgage for 3 years, then they will be a decent risk of keeping up the payments. It's an interesing one, and may soon be copied across the market I reckon.

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