Thursday, January 3, 2013

What will 2013 bring ?

So, the year begins with more arrests in the Jimmy Savile investigation, with Jim Davidson being the latest to "strenuously deny" any wrongdoing. I don't have a list in my head of potential dodgy characters from the 70's and 80's, but if I did, I think Jim Davidson would be on it. I don't think there's every been much doubt that he's a pretty nasty piece of work, sexist and racist etc. Wait 'til they start arresting football managers, then we'll really see some sparks fly. But, what about the economy, both here and abroad? It still feels like there's a load of shit to still get out of the system, and when we lending return to more reasonable levels - ie enough to allow people to move up the ladder again, and for some of those first timers to climb on the first rung. We managed to get a UK mortgage last year, having been out of the market for some 8 years or so, and it wasn't at all plain sailing, and we have pretty good income and clear credit with not much in the way of loans and cc's. Feels like a long time until we go away - Portugal again for the first break of the year - we enjoyed in last year and the people seemed to have a sunnier disposition than the Spanish, despite arguably being in a more dire situation. In the meantime, apropos of nothing, I've decided I want to grow a maze in the garden, seems like a satisfying thing to do, might even post some pictures of the progress....

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