Thursday, January 17, 2013

Carnage on the High Street

And there they went, Bang, Bang, Bang - Jessops, HMV and Blockbuster. Presumably, like the rest of us, they looked at their post-Christmas bank balance and thought, "shit, how the hell do we pay the bills this month".... Aside from my personal feelings about HMV, as I am a nerdy record collector, I was wondering whether the fact that these businesses have failed, is a sign of the economy actually working properly, in a survival of the fittest type way, where the sick and dying are left behind. Maybe their banks had been too scared to take the hit in recent years - worried about their own solvency. But now that they've all built up a bit of capital, are they more able to start taking the losses. Of course, we now want new fresh and strong businesses to come in and fill the gaps in the High Street. This is the part that remains a concern. By the way, who the hell was still renting DVD's from those 528 Blockbuster stores? Sheeeesh......

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